Film Contest

Different forms of communication convey different contents; they abbreviate and create the world in different ways, and they may thus impact and shape our orientations differently.

Through our short film contest, we seek to promote and support the creation of philosophical short films that address, represent, or express orientation-philosophical concepts. To kick off our contest, we have created 2 philosophical short films ourselves:

“All things come into being and pass away through strife.” – Heraclitus



For our first video contest, the theme is: “orientation and disorientation.” You can find an initial definition of “orientation” in our FPO glossary.


Everyone, no matter what background, may participate in our video contest. Videos can take any aesthetic, narrative, and artistic style (with or without dialogues) and may include computer animated imagery and use post-production software.

Maximum length of the videos: 20 min

Deadline to submit your videos: October 15, 2022 (midnight, US Central Time)

HFPO provides the following prize awards:

1st prize award: $3,000

2nd prize award: $2,000

3rd prize award: $1,000

We are accepting submissions for our Film Competition through the website FilmFreeway: