Orientations Press is our foundation’s official publishing house. It is dedicated to publishing texts concerning the philosophy of orientation and all issues that may belong to it. Orientations Press publishes free eBooks, which you can download from our website, as well as prints available for purchase at production costs only. The publications will comprise texts exploring the complexities of human orientation, including, but not limited to: original research and dissertations connected with the philosophy of orientation; works on philosophers related to the philosophy of orientation (e.g., Nietzsche, Heidegger, Kant, Descartes, Aristotle, etc.); translations of Werner Stegmaier’s texts; the best essays submitted to our essay prize competitions; texts regarding orientation skills and particularly successful orientations in everyday and professional life. But not only philosophical aspects of orientation are of interest, but also biological, physiological, psychological, socio-psychological, economical, political, media, cultural, artistic, and religious.

Series & Sequences of Essays

We have launched three series and one sequence of essays:

– “Agonistic Orientations: Sequences of Competing Essays”

– “Essays on Orientation Skills in Everyday and Professional Life”

– “Historical Studies Concerning Orientation”

– “Essays Concerning the Coronavirus Pandemic”

Our essay sequence and essay series are open to new contributions. If you are interested in submitting your text for review, please contact


English Articles by Werner Stegmaier

Only some texts of Werner Stegmaier’s large oeuvre are available in English. Besides the book What is Orientation? A Philosophical Investigation, these are translations of texts that appeared in the past twenty years, most of them dealing with Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy. Here, you can find all of his texts currently accessible in English.

3 Guides to the Philosophy of Orientation

To provide a quick overview of the philosophy of orientation, we have prepared three guides to the philosophy of orientation. You can download the PDF of these these three e-books here.

A. Successful Modes of Orientation: 15 Conclusions from the Philosophy of Orientation for Your Everyday Life

B. Fearless Findings: 25 Footholds for the Philosophy of Orientation

C. Courageous Beginnings: 25 Situations of New Orientations in the History of Philosophy