English Articles by Werner Stegmaier

Besides the English translation of What is Orientation? A Philosophical Investigation, only a small number of Werner Stegmaier’s texts are available in English. You can find the entire list of Stegmaier’s publications on his website: www.stegmaier-orientierung.de. Here, we compile all articles that are currently available in English:

Which Way to GO? How I became the Philosopher of Orientation

Written in English by Werner Stegmaier, in Greifswald (Germany), November 2023.

The Art of Living as an Art of Orientation

Published in: Nietzsche on the Art of Living: New Studies from the German-Speaking Nietzsche Research, edited by Günter Gödde, Jörg Zirfas, Reinhard G. Mueller, and Werner Stegmaier (Nashville: Orientations Press, 2023), which you can download for free here.

Nietzsche’s Project of Religion: His Critique, Analysis, and Functionalization of Religion

Written in German in November 2019; translated into English in December 2019.

How Does “the New” Come into the World? Nietzsche’s Magic of the Extreme

Presented in German in Ankara, Turkey, in November 2019; translated into English in November 2019.

Orientation Within Nihilism: A Response to Paul van Tongeren

English publication in Beyond Nihilism?, ed. Chris Bremmers / Andrew Smith / Jean-Pierre Wils (Nordhausen: Traugott Bautz, 2018), p. 85-96.

“Resolute Reversals”: Kant’s and Nietzsche’s Orienting Decisions Concerning the Distinction between Reason and Nature

English publication in: Nietzsche’s Engagements with Kant and the Kantian Legacy, 3 volumes, ed. Marco Brusotti / Herman Siemens / Joâo Constâncio / Tom Bailey / Maria Joâo Mayer Branco / Katia Hay Nietzsche; Vol. I: Nietzsche, Kant and the Problem of Metaphysics, ed. Marco Brusotti / Herman Siemens (London/Oxford/New York/New Delhi/Sydney: Bloomsbury, 2017, pp. 181-204.

Nietzsche’s Orientation toward the Future

Presented in German in Sils-Maria, Switzerland, in September 2015; English translation published in: The Journal of Nietzsche Studies 47.3 (Autumn 2016), pp. 384-401.

Note: This was the article that first caught Mike Hodges’ attention and drew him to the philosophy of orientation.

Subjects as Temporal Clues to Orientation: Nietzsche and Luhmann on Subjectivity

English publication in: Nietzsche and the Problem of Subjectivity, ed. João Constâncio / Maria João Mayer Branco/ Bartholomew Ryan (Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter, 2015), pp. 487-511.

The Moral Challenges of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Nihilism: 7 Theses

Contribution at the Conference “The Moral Challenges of Nietzsche’s Nihilism” at Salt Lake Community College (Salt Lake City, October 2014).

Beyond the Free Spirit Trilogy

Werner Stegmaier in Discussion with the Editors, Pli: The Warwick Journal of Philosophy Issue 25 (2014), ed. Matthew Dennis / David Rowthorne: Nietzsche’s Free Spirit Works, pp. 177-186.

Fearless Findings. Instinct and Language in Book V of the Gay Science

English publication in: Nietzsche on Instinct and Language, ed. João Constancio / Maria João Mayer Branco (Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter, 2011), pp. 185-200.

After Montinari. On Nietzsche Philology

Published in German in Nietzsche-Studien 36 (2007): 80–94. English Translation in: The Journal of Nietzsche Studies 38 (Fall 2009), p. 5-19.

Nietzsche’s Doctrines, Nietzsche’s Signs

Published in German in Nietzsche-Studien 29 (2000). English translation in: The Journal of Nietzsche Studies 31 (Spring 2006), p. 20-41.

Nietzsche’s Theology: Perspectives for God, Faith, and Justice

English publication in: New Nietzsche Studies (New York) 4, 3/4 (2000-2001), p. 73-89.