Activities and Projects

Fellowships for PhD Students

FPO annually provides 12-month-long fellowships of $30,000 for dissertation projects that expand research concerning orientation

Philosophical Prize Competition

Continuing the Enlightenment tradition of asking philosophical prize questions about highly relevant current issues, we seek in this format to philosophically confront the most pressing philosophical reorientations humanity faces in the 21st century.

Virtual Seminar: “What is Orientation? A Philosophical Investigation”

Especially in times of the current Coronavirus pandemic, the question of how we continually reorient ourselves in everyday life has become most relevant. But what is orientation? How are we capable of going with the changing times? And how can we philosophically grasp these processes of orientation and reorientation?

Video Podcasts for Philosophical Orientation

Facing the challenge of the Coronavirus pandemic, we try to make a virtue out of necessity and therefore moved our planned podcast series to the video conference genre.