New Book on Orientations Press: “Nietzsche and the Art of Living”

A new book is out on Orientations Press! Nietzsche and the Art of Living is free to download on the Orientations Press web page!

The philosophy of the art of living asks the age-old question of orienting one’s own life: ‘How can I live well?’ The art of living and of its philosophy has a practical aim: It is not concerned with ethical principles, but with the concrete practice of people’s everyday life, with their individual and successful lives.

Friedrich Nietzsche, as he often did, pushed the problem of the art of living to the extreme, making it palpable both in its dignity and in its force. For him, the modern uncertainty of human orientation caused by nihilism pointed to art and aesthetics, which, he supposed, makes life if not justifiable, at least bearable.

The volume we present here entails contributions of German-speaking scholars on Nietzsche and the ways of living he proposes, especially, but not alone in “Dawn.” The papers are selected from a book series on the common issue “Critical Art of Living,” edited by Günter Gödde, Jörg Zirfas, and others, and translated on behalf of the Foundation for Philosophical Orientation.