New Seminar: “Artificial Intelligence and Human Orientation”

Given the strong interest and new innovations regarding the theme, we have decided to offer a second seminar on: “Artificial Intelligence and Human Orientation.” The biweekly sessions will take place on Mondays 9:30-11:15 a.m. CT, starting on January 15, 2024. Application deadline is January 10.

Content: Artificial Intelligence (AI) changes not only how we find our way on the internet and in the world, it also changes how we relate to each other and how we conceive of ourselves. In all these respects, AI is increasingly intertwined with and thus transforms human orientation – raising new philosophical questions, such as: how does human intelligence differ from artificial intelligence?

How do these differences apply to concepts such as consciousness, thinking, understanding, communication, and creativity? And what are potential challenges or dangers concerning healthcare, art, and politics?

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