New Seminar on Heidegger & Stegmaier

Announcing our third new seminar for Fall 2023, the second part to our seminar on the relationship of Martin Heidegger’s Being and Time and Werner Stegmaier’s philosophy of orientation.

After comparing Heidegger’s phenomenological analysis of Dasein as being-in-the-world with Stegmaier’s of ‘orientation in a situation’ in fall 2022, we now explore the second half of Being and Time (esp. §§45-71), which develops Dasein’s temporal nature, and relate its guiding philosophical concepts to those of the philosophy of orientation. It is instructive to compare the philosophies of Heidegger and Stegmaier, since on the one hand Being and Time prepared the philosophy of orientation in some methodical aspects (especially the phenomenology of everydayness); on the other hand, there are important differences.

In this seminar, we will track how, in their explorations of everydayness, temporality, and death, Stegmaier’s philosophy of orientation aligns with or departs from Heidegger’s Being and Time. The seminar is organized in weekly 2h sessions over 8 weeks. It is discussion-based, so participants are expected to read the respective texts before the meetings. For newcomers, a detailed introduction and summaries will be given. Please apply by October 16, 2023, via application form on the seminar page: click here to sign up!