in-person Seminar: The Philosophy of Orientation on Leadership

Organized by Dr. Reinhard G. Mueller

The first meeting was in November 2022. If you’re interested in joining, please reach out to


“Superior orientation skills qualify for leadership,” Werner Stegmaier writes in What is Orientation? A Philosophical Investigation (p. 242). Outstanding leaders orient themselves more successfully than others under the conditions of uncertainty and time pressure. They are therefore able to take on responsibility for other people. Doing so requires not only “orientation skills”, but also “orientation virtues” such as overview, foresight, insight, precaution, and consideration as well as fundamental “ethical virtues” like open-mindedness, benevolence, tactfulness, cautiousness, politeness, nobility, and goodness. What is leadership in orientation-philosophical terms? How can leaders orient themselves successfully in a complex world that is changing ever-more rapidly?

In this in-person seminar, we will go through the primary book of the philosophy of orientation, Werner Stegmaier’s What is Orientation? A Philosophical Investigation, with regard to the question of leadership and connect it to texts by different authors that relate the topic of leadership. The seminar is organized by Dr. Reinhard G. Mueller.

The seminar is discussion-based, so participants are expected to read the respective texts before the meetings. The seminar is free.

Location in Nashville: Monday Night Brewing (Germantown)