Virtual Seminar on the Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche

Organized by Dr. Reinhard G. Mueller
Weekly meetings since April 2022


Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) is not only one of the most influential thinkers of modern and “postmodern” philosophy, art, and literature, but he is also one of the most crucial forerunners of the philosophy of orientation. Behind his seemingly aggressive doctrines of ‘will to power,’ ‘death of God,’ ‘overman,’ and ‘masters and slaves,’ there appears a refined and nuanced thinker, who carefully composes new forms of philosophical writing in order to grasp and push forward his new, radical, and experimental ways of philosophizing. His critical perspectivism, phenomenalism, and his affirmation of the evolution of thinking has revolutionized and continues to inspire philosophy up to the present day.

In this virtual seminar, we will explore, via the philosophy of orientation, the central concepts of Nietzsche’s philosophizing through close readings of his Gay Science, Beyond Good and Evil, Genealogy of Morality, and others. The seminar is organized by Dr. Reinhard G. Mueller, whose translation of Werner Stegmaier‘s An Orientation to the Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche is forthcoming as the first publication on FPO’s Orientations Press.

The seminar is discussion-based, so participants are expected to read the respective texts before the meetings. The meeting times will be determined in coordination with everyone in order to accommodate participants from different time zones and continents.

The seminar is free.