Virtual Seminar on What is Orientation? A Philosophical Investigation

First seminar round: June 2020 – May 2021; second round: March 2021 – March 2022


Especially in times of the current Coronavirus pandemic, the question of how we continually reorient ourselves in everyday life has become most relevant. But what is orientation? How are we capable of going with the changing times? And how can we philosophically grasp these processes of orientation and reorientation?

The Foundation for Philosophical Orientation offers a virtual seminar about the primary work of the philosophy of orientation, Werner Stegmaier’s What is Orientation? A Philosophical Investigation. The seminar is organized by the book’s translator, Dr. Reinhard Mueller.

In this seminar, we will philosophically explore the issues of orientation and reorientation not only by going through the book What is Orientation? but also by trying to relate them to today’s everyday life and our fast-changing world. In weekly 2h meetings, the webinars will go through the book chapter by chapter. The seminar is discussion-based, so participants are expected to read the respective chapters before the meetings. The meeting times will be determined in coordination with the participants so that attending from different time zones and continents is no problem.

The seminar is free.