Courageous Beginnings

25 Situations of New Orientations in the History of Philosophy

by Werner Stegmaier

The third guide provides an overview of how the philosophy of orientation has been prepared for in the history of Western philosophy. It tracks new situations that evoked alternative orientation decisions in philosophy with major impact on subsequent times with regard to philosophical self-reflection and self-criticism. Focusing on overall 25 such situations, the first edition, from October 2019, traces the first 18 sections, from the pre-Socratics, via the Middle Ages, and the early modern era, to William James and Nietzsche. The second edition, planned for 2020, includes chapters 19-25 that cover major alternative philosophical orientations in the 20th century, from Bergson, Whitehead, Frege, and Peirce, via Wittgenstein and Heidegger, to Rawls, Habermas, and Derrida.