inauguration ceremony on October 25, 2019

The Foundation for Philosophical Orientation held its inauguration ceremony on October 25, 2019, in the Parthenon of Nashville, Tennessee. This premier event also witnessed the book launch of the English translation of Werner Stegmaier’s primary work of the philosophy of orientation, What is Orientation? A Philosophical Investigation. Over 200 people came to the event.

See the highlights in this short video

After Tina Hodges opened the ceremony, there were four inauguration speeches: Prof. Werner Stegmaier provided in his speech, “Orient Yourself! Living a Philosophy,” an overview of the key concepts of orientation philosophy. Prof. Claudia Welz gave the laudatory speech, entitled “From Confusion to Clarity: Paradoxes of Orientation as Courageous Beginnings.” Dr. Reinhard G. Mueller spoke about the “Aims and Plans of the FPO” for the coming years. And Mike Hodges told the audience about his path to discovering philosophy, Friedrich Nietzsche, and the philosophy of orientation in his speech, “My Philosophy, My Foundation,” which was received with standing ovations. Here are all four speeches in full length:


Inauguration Event – October 25, 2019

Questions and Answers – October 26, 2019

On the day after the foundation’s inauguration, Werner Stegmaier responded during the “Q&A” to many questions, from the nature of the philosophy of orientation as a “first philosophy,” via the significance of uncertainty in orientation, to aspects of this philosophy’s textual genre and issues of translation.